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Mr. M cooking up the hotdogs on the 24th for the A.R. cookout.
Mr. M cooking up the hotdogs on the 24th for the A.R. cookout.

The Big Idea Experience visits Lincoln Elementary School

The Big Idea Experience is a fun and exciting school assembly that helps elementary kids learn about making smart decisions by teaching a Big Idea, which is a value that is important for kids to know. Each month the focus is on a new Big Idea. The 45-minute program includes games, skits, music and lots of fun as part of the learning process. The Big Idea Experience Team is based in Wichita, Kansas.













The Big Idea is a character value taught during the assembly and can be reinforced at the school through teacher resources, media resources, visual resources, daily announcements and family resources. Each monthly Big Idea has a definition, animal, and color associated with it to make it more applicable and easier for kids to remember.

Mailing address:

The Big Idea Experience, PO Box 457, Andover, KS 67002


COLTS - New Mascot for Elementary Schools

Lincoln students will join McKinley Elementary and Jefferson Elementary with our district’s effort in promoting our three schools’ new mascot...the COLTS. The acronym, COLTS will also serve as the three schools’ approach to promoting positive school behavior.

Lincoln is in the process of developing a re-wards program for students. Throughout the first three weeks of January, staff will focus on the first letter in the COLTS acronym, C for “Caring”. Students will have the opportunity to earn points each day for displaying positive caring behaviors. At the end of the three weeks students will trade their behavior points for special rewards. Lincoln will continue this process until all the letters in COLTS have been promoted.