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Lissa Manbeck

Lights, Camera, Action!
Welcome to 4th grade, I am very excited for this year!  We have a jam packed year with assessments and fun activities.  I  am looking forward to seeing all the growth and progress that will be made this year!!!
Things To Note:
  •  Class DoJo is out main form of communication
    • ​Please sign up as soon as possible (If possible)
  • ​Three essays will be completed in class
  • Students are expected to know all multiplication and division facts through the 12’s by the end of the year.  Students who complete this expectations will have a special party at the end of the year.
  • 4th grade will go on multiple field trips throughout the year.
  • Cursive handwriting is required on all papers, except test, second semester.
  • All classroom subjects, other than handwriting.
  • See me for correction policy.
  • Family veterans will be invited to participare in veterans’ activities.
  • I appologize but we do not have birthday parties in the classroom.


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